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Tinker, create, discover, and make! Experience something new and follow your interests through all 8 floors of the library doing hands-on activities presented by organizations from across the city, including animals, electronics, painting, juggling, and lots more! This event is part of the Dallas City of Learning, in partnership with Big Thought.

Activities include:

  • Learn to juggle with Circus Freaks
  • Dance the Flamenco with Bailes Espanoles
  • Create art from repurposed materials with SPARK!
  • Learn CPR with Empowering the Masses
  • Explore photography with Tammy McNary Photography
  • Make slime with Dallas Afterschool
  • Express yourself in a zine with The Writer's Garret
  • Meet Cisco and Dare, the miniature horse ambassadors from Equest
  • Immerse in all things Lion King with ArtsVision
  • Help build a Rubik's Cube mosaic
  • Learn about snakes from Science Safari
  • Find the front page from the day you were born with Dallas History and Archives department
  • Add your family to the family mural with the History and Genealogy department
  • Paint with the ArtScream Truck
  • Tinker with light up bracelets, cameras and cell phones with HAK Electronics