The Amazing Zombie Race

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The Amazing Zombie Race is a "race" around the library- inside (and possibly outside) to find the cure!

Solo or in teams of no more than 4, you will be given tasks that you must complete to put together the much needed cure and deliver it to the survivors, and more importantly, don't turn into a zombie!

Inside the library is a safe zone and zombies cannot turn you while in these zones, but certain areas and rooms where tasks will send you are free-for-alls! (Mwahahaha) But don't worry, you will be armed... With SOCKS!

You will be armed with "stun bombs" (rolled up socks) where you can freeze a zombie in place for 5 seconds to make your escape.

Keep vigilant and finish your tasks to be the first human team to survive the zombies, find the cure, and save the humans!