Visible Mending Series: Patching a hole or rip in your clothing

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Learn how to patch a hole in your clothing with the Fiber Arts Workroom. All that's needed is a button, needle, thread, fabric scrap big enough to cover your hole, and garment to repair!

So often we stop wearing an item clothing or even give it away, once it gets a rip, stain, or when we lose a button or two. Whether you come from a time when your parents or grandparents would mend their clothes out of necessity or in a world where fast fashion is convenient and cheap, visible mending, and mending in general, extends the life of clothing and reduces textile waste. It's also an opportunity to customize your clothing. Best of all, there is really no way to mess up. 

Grab a garment and any hand-sewing tools or notions and tune in every other Wednesday for a visible mending workshop and demo!