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Registration for this event is no longer open.
Allowed Ages: 12 to 18

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Gamers Unite!

Once a month video game fans between ages 13 and 18 meet up virtually to chat, hang out, and (of course) play video games! We'll meet over Zoom, learn a bit about the players, and then do a few rounds of Jackbox Games and Among Us!

About Jackbox:

Jackbox is a series of party games that focus on drawing, wordplay, and creativity. The hosting librarian will share their screen, which will show the game rules, prompts, and activities. To play, participants will need two internet-accessible devices: one to attend the Zoom program and see the game prompts, and one to act as your controller to play the game.

The best set-up is to have both a computer and smartphone/tablet available. It's possible to play the games and attend the program through the same computer device, but it becomes difficult since you'll need to switch between two tabs to play.

About Among Us:

Among Us is a party game similar to Werewolf or Mafia. Players are either crew members or imposters. Crew members must complete tasks and vote out other players that they suspect of being an imposter. The imposters must secretly devour the crew mates and try not to be voted out. Among Us is free to download on smart phones and tablets. 

This event is for ages 13-18, and is available online only. Registration is required. Details on how to participate will be emailed. Emails may go to your spam folder