The Medicare Workshop

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Age Group: Seniors

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Please join us for this educational event, presented by insurance expert Scott Teagle, designed to offer individuals who are apporaching their 65th birthday or older an opportunity to become more familiar with Medicare Parts A, B, C and D, as well as Medicare Supplements. Questions that will be covered include:

  • How and when can you sign up for Medicare?
  • What enrollment period is best for you?
  • What is the cost to you for Medicare Part A and B?
  • Will you be penalized if you do not sign up for Medicare when you turn 65?
  • Is Medicare primary or secondary to an employer group health plan?
  • What if you are covered under an employer group health plan, do you have to enroll in Medicare at 65?
  • What if you are covered under COBRA or a policy through
  • What are Medicare Supplement Plans and how do they differ from Medicare Advantage Plans?
  • Are all Medicare Advantage and Medicare Drugs plans the same?
  • Does Medicare provide guaranteed insurability?
  • What is the Part D donut hole?